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 Sharpe Steady Bearings

Steady BearingWhen an exceedingly tall tank height requires a shaft longer than allowed by engineering standards for overhung shafting, a steady bearing may be used to limit shaft deflection and vibration.  This bearing may be placed in the middle of the shaft, but is more often placed at the bottom of the shaft, bolted or welded to the tank floor.

Most steady bearings consist of a replaceable shaft wear sleeve, replaceable bearing, and steady bearing housing.  Sanitary steady bearings do not include the wear sleeve due to "easy clean" requirements.

Sanitary Steady BearingThe material of the bearing must be selected to be compatible with the tank contents.  Corrosion, abrasion, and the temperature must all be considered to determine a bearing material which will not fail prematurely.  Highly abrasive products may require a flushing line be plumbed to the bearing to keep the bearing clean and free of abrasive particles.

Tripod Style Steady Bearing