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 Sharpe Radial Impeller

Radial impeller

The Flat-Blade Radial Turbine has blades in the vertical plane, parallel to the mixer shaft having a minimum of two blades. Four blades are most commonly used although radials are available with as few as two blades to as many as eight.

The flow is discharged radially and splits into two equal flows after leaving the blade tips. Suction is equal from top and bottom.

This type of turbine is almost insensitive to viscosity until laminar flow occurs.

Two types of radial turbines are generally in use. They are the open type with blades fastened to the impeller hub, or the disc type with blades fastened to a disk which is fastened to the hub (Also known as a Rushton Turbine).

Swept Disc Radial ImpellerFlat blade turbines are used when radial flow and high shear is desirable. This impeller is ideal for immiscible liquid emulsion applications. It is often used as a "clean-up" or "tickler" for agitating the very bottom of a tank or keeping a bottom tank discharge clean.