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 Sharpe Hyflo Impellers

Hyflo ImpellerBrochure  

SHARPE MIXERS has developed an entire family of energy efficient hydrofoil-blade impellers, known as "HYFLOS". Designed with various blade widths, shapes and angles, the two most common are the HYFLO 218 (also known as the Hyflo II) and the HYFLO 312. The HYFLO 218 is a universal energy efficient low blade angle impeller, and can now be purchased from our online store!  BUY NOW!

The HYFLO 218 Impeller was developed by SHARPE MIXERS with extensive testing and consultation with aerospace engineers using certified NASA testing procedures to improve the fluid mixing performance of axial flow impellers. Its blade shape offers significant impeller pumping capacity at any level of mixer energy input.

The high flow efficiency is a direct result of the blade characteristics. During development, particular attention was given to the camber of the blade and the blade angle. The camber approximates the shape of an airfoil to provide maximum flow efficiency. The camber is the amount of apparent arch to the blade when viewed from the end of the blade towards the hub. The proper amount of camber allows the blade to be operated at higher blade angles without incurring a stalled condition.

Dual Hyflo ImpellersIn a similar way that an airplane wing will go into a stalled condition if the angle of attack is too great, the same can occur with fluid impellers. At excessive blade angles, the flow will tend to separate from the backside of the blade and eddies behind the leading edge of the blade. This is an indication that a stalling condition exists accompanied by increasing hydraulic shear. The HYFLO 218 impeller is optimized to operate in a non- stalled condition over the widest possible range of operating conditions.

The HYFLO 218 stands out from the competition in the way each impeller is fine tuned to each application. SHARPE MIXERS calculates the fluid velocity over the turbine blades to determine the shape and curvature that will be most efficient. The result is a custom designed and fabricated impeller providing optimum pumping capacity at minimum shear. The HYFLO 218 has proven to be successful in thousands of applications, from 4" to 174" diameters.

The more specialized HYFLO 312 has a lower blade angle and is often standard for side entering paper stock applications, but can be used when applicable for blending, solids suspension and heat transfer.

The wide blade Hyflo 518 is built for higher viscosity applications, or where maximum flow must be attained with a limited diameter impeller.

This family of impellers pumps considerably more per horsepower than other turbines because of their hydrofoil design. However, they are very sensitive to higher viscosities and their performance characteristics should be compared with axial flow turbines at viscosities over 3,000 centipoises.