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 Sharpe Axial Impeller

Axial impeller

The pitched blade turbine is essentially a modified open flat blade turbine with the blades angled.

Available with different number of blades, blade widths and different blade angles, the 4-blade, 45" pitch is the most popular. It is a good compromise between high pumping efficiency and high shear for processes that require both centipoises.

The axial flow turbine is significantly more efficient than the radial flow turbine in terms of flow per horsepower.

Flow is discharged both axially and radially depending on the angle. For example, the 45' axial flow turbine discharges one half of total flow axially and one half radially.

Axial impeller with folding bladesThe 45' axial flow turbine is more efficient at all Reynold's numbers than the flat blade radial turbine. However, as the pitch angle decreases below 45", the impeller becomes increasingly sensitive to high viscosity.

These turbines are used for blending of miscible materials up to 50,000 centipoises, solids suspension and heat transfer. They can be used in any flow governing application.