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 Sharpe Mixers

All Stainless Portable Mixer

All Stainless Steel USDA Approved

Sharpe's All-Stainless-Steel mixer line represents the ultimate in sanitary mixers with the greatest resistance to corrosion and contamination.  With no plating or burnishing, the all-stainless construction goes above and beyond the specification for "paint-free" equipment.

Mixer prices start at just $1,636.00, and ship with #4 polish from stock in 2-3 days.  Other polishes and welding also available.

For more information, contact us today!


Our N-Series mixer is our most popular large mixer line, and can be found in facilities all around the world.  It's easy to understand why.  These mixers are efficient, durable, built to the highest quality, and offer features that place it above the competition.Sharpe N-Series Mixers

Built specifically for mixer service, a great deal of work has gone into making Sharpe's N-Series mixer the best on the market.  They are available in top and side-entry designs, ranging from simple plate mounted open-tank models to complex mechanical seal systems; from high speed dispersers to ultra-low speed helix mixers.  Sizes range from fractional to over 200 horsepower.

How can Sharpe's N-Series mixer line solve your mixing needs?  Contact us today to learn how.